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As society is getting more conscious about the green earth, save fuel and good health, they shift towards sustainable living; Cycling is definitely a cleaner alternative to automobiles and a much economical option that drives every age group in this generation. While cycling is an excellent & proven method of transportation, an important question remains: “how to store your bike or cycle when you reach the destination?”. Hence Bike Racks plays a key role in your bike’s transportation and safety. Bike Racks is one of the most economical ways to create short-term parking solutions;

Australian bicycle parking standards and guides highly encourage bike racks to comply with (Australian Standards) AS 2890.3. Every individual or community nee...

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Are you thinking of installing bike racks? If you are then you can have the best quality commercial bike racks from us at Kings Bicycle Parking. We are the one whom you can rely to have finely finished and durable bicycle parking racks. Since 1996, our racks are used at various commercial and educational places enhancing the efficiency of bike storage systems.Having such parking racks from us, you too can improve the efficiency of the bike storage facility at your commercial place.Ways to enhance the efficiency of bike storage facilityAs you have the commercial bike racks from us at Kings Bicycle Parking it would be, wise to know how you can enhance the efficiency of the bike storage facility that you have at your place.

Installing at a con...

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At the point when organizations are making their brands, they watch out for first that considers their media. They may make logo, site, and promotion ad even before they make a formal strategy for success. The bike racks that you can have from us at Kings Bicycle Parking are a proficient brand expansion to outside spaces. They convey meaning both in nearness and in design.

You can check out our collection of bicycle parking racks, which are finished in hot dip galvanized and stainless steel and showing typical Australian manufacturing standards at all times. Let us see how you can have enhanced corporate image using the bike racks from us.

Environment conscious: Our bicycle parking racks will help you to declare that as an organization you...

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Are you seeing more bike than usual by the workplace? If so, you are certainly not alone. According to many surveys, nearly 60 percent more people ride their bicycle to work compared to ten years back. Consequently, more workplaces are turning out to be bicycle friendly. This includes offering secure bike storage systems, info regarding bicycle policies in a company handbook and even offering shared bikes on the organization’s campus.

The advantages of bicycling to work for employees are clear: not just is it healthier & less traumatic, but bike-riders will spend less on car-associated expenditure. Nevertheless, employers can benefit from this rising trend also. Here’re a few reasons why workplaces must become bicycle-friendly.

Employee S...

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You may be thinking that a bike rack is a rack for storing bike and if you have seen one then you have seen them all. No, you are wrong in your proposition. The Commercial Bike Racks that you can have from us at Kings Bicycle Parking will change the image that you have regarding it.

The Considerations That Will Lead You To Us

There are many organizations that manufacturers and sells such racks but ours are different from those that you can have from our competitors. Let us have a look at the unique features which we have implemented.

Commercial Bike Racks

Customized according to location

 It is not that you can have the same nature of bike rack at all the places where you intend to have them. The racks in front of the office building must not be the one which i...