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By: kingsbicycleparkingaustralia | February 11, 2019

As society is getting more conscious about the green earth, save fuel and good health, they shift towards sustainable living; Cycling is definitely a cleaner alternative to automobiles and a much economical option that drives every age group in this generation. While cycling is an excellent & proven method of transportation, an important question remains: “how to store your bike or cycle when you reach the destination?”. Hence Bike Racks plays a key role in your bike’s transportation and safety. Bike Racks is one of the most economical ways to create short-term parking solutions;

Australian bicycle parking standards and guides highly encourage bike racks to comply with (Australian Standards) AS 2890.3. Every individual or community need to highly encourage the use of bike racks as it gives you safety, contingency and conveniences and keep your locality clean. 

Bike racks come in with various shape, sizes styles to meet the demands of the cycling community, It’s also used personally or commercially in Bike parking stations, Bike rooms.


U-ranks are strong and sturdy metal racks that fit the ground contact; It’s easy for a biker to secure both wheels, and these are mostly used in many bike parking stations in Australia;

Wave Shape Bike Racks

A wave bicycle rack comes in with the ability to secure more bicycles than a U-rack. It offers good design and functionality too;

Grid Shape Bike Racks

Mostly used to secure one of the wheels which allow two cycles to get racked at the same line;

Spiral Shape Bike Racks

A spiral bike rack comes with an aesthetic look and in a spiral formation. Electropolishing, Galvanised with color powder coats makes it strong;

Towbar mounted or Spare wheel bike rack

If you are planning to carry the bike, in this case, Spare wheel bike rack & rails give you a mental comfort;

All types of bike racks follow some basic fundaments;

  • Bike must hold upright on the Rack

  • At least one Wheel and Frame support the locking

  • Bike wheel should not tip over

  • The bike rack must allow front-in and back-in parking

  • The bike rack does not obstruct pedestrian traffic

While bike racks follow various installation methods such as In-ground mounting, Surface mounting, Rail mounting, wall mounting, removable mounting etc, it is quite important to know the nature of use and the layout of the bike racking stations or bike lockers available as per Australian Regulatory standards;

At Kings Bicycle Parking, there are many choices to opt for Metal bike racks that are meant for personal & commercial use. We trust bike parking ought to be intended to improve the biking spirit! Kings Bicycle Parking can be reached at 1800 272 849 when you desire to select the perfect bike racks.

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